Hello lovelies and welcome to The Book & Beauty Geek, my new blog where I write about the things I love: books and beauty!

I decided to start this site as a bit of fun, not only for me, but for you, too; I’d like this to be a happy place you can come and read about the things we share an interest in!

Choosing a topic for my blog was easy: I’d write about the things I have a passion for!

I’ve always loved reading. Simply the feel and the smell of a new book makes me ridiculously happy! But, there’s more: I love being so engrossed in a character’s world, that I feel I am the character! That’s how I judge whether I’m reading a good book!

Makeup and skincare is something I only really got into last year, but it’s something I also really enjoy. Browsing the isles of Superdrug and Boots, experimenting with new products, it provides hours of fun!

Another reason I started The Book & Beauty Geek is because I love writing! My ambition is to study Journalism at Cardiff University, then move to London and work for a stylish magazine, such as Vogue or Elle. Or maybe blogging will become me full-time job – that would be amazing!

I aim to add content to The Book & Beauty Geek once or twice a week – reviews, beauty hacks, wishlists and more!   I cannot wait to embark on this journey, so come along with me, why don’t you? It’ll be so much fun!

So, here’s hoping you’ve learnt a bit about myself and my blog! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Take care,

Lucy x