How To Get Rid Of Dry Skin QUICK

If you suffer from dry skin, you’ll know it’s a right pain; not only does it make skin look dull and lifeless, makeup clings, which especially bothers someone like me, who keeps their makeup minimal because they don’t want to look as if they’re really wearing any.


Of course, you can tackle dry skin with a rich moisturiser or a nourishing mask, but these work over time and an effective one might be expensive, so, if you want a quick fix that costs nothing, this is perfect, because all you’ll need is your usual moisturiser and some cotton wool pads!

Under my eyes is particularly dry, and if you have that same problem, then simply fold two cotton wool pads in half and squeeze a generous amount of your moisturiser onto each of them. Smear it slightly with a clean finger then press both gently onto the areas beneath your eyes. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then remove and the skin will feel so plump and hydrated!

If it’s your cheeks, forehead or chin that are dry, then you probably won’t need to fold the cotton wool in half!

I love, love, love this hack and I hope you do, too. It’s so quick and easy, yet truly effective! Apologies that this is such a short post; I hope you’ve enjoyed it all the same! Let me know if you have by either liking it, subscribing to The Book & Beauty Geek or commenting below!

Take care,

Lucy x

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