The Secret Life of Pets | Film Review

Hello lovelies! On Friday evening, my parents and I went to the new Cineworld nearby us to see The Secret Lives of Pets, a film I’ve been itching to see since I first saw the trailer back in 2015.
Max is a terrier who lives in a New York apartment block with his owner. They have a very close relationship. Then, she adopts Duke, a huge, hairy beast of a dog, and Max’s life is changed forever. On a walk, the two dogs encounter a group of nasty, stray cats and end up in the back of a van, heading for the pound. Thankfully, a ballsy, bad-ass bunny rabbit, frees them on the condition they join a revenge group. Meanwhile, back in the apartment block, Max’s friends are worried about his safety and whereabouts, so set out to look for him.
So, like I mentioned before, the story is set in New York, however no land marks really play a part in in the film, so I’d say it could be set in any city with a river or park such as London or Paris.
The characters are all fantastic, especially Snowball, the bunny, and Chloe, the cat. The film has some real laugh-out-loud moments in it and you engage with the characters and want a happy ending for them all.
I’d recommend this to anyone, any age, who loves animals, owns an animal or simply fancies watching a light-hearted, feel-good film!
This review has been short but I hope you’ve enjoyed it all the same! Have you seen The Secret Lives of Pets? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments!
Lucy x

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