There Will Be Lies By Nick Lake | Book Review

Hello lovelies! Today I’m reviewing the type of book I wouldn’t normally read, but it’s on this year’s Carnegie Medal shortlist, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

There Will Be Lies is full of plot twists and turns, as well as long, descriptive sentences that allow the reader to paint vivid, accurate images in their head.

The main character, who’s name is Shelby Cooper, is deaf but leads a good life, home schooled by her over-protective mum. Then, Shelby’s hit by a car and her world is turned upside down. They’re on the run and she can no longer trust anyone. All while this is happening, she keeps getting these dreams where she has to save a child from a crone or her own world will end.

The story is told in first person by Shelby Cooper, the main character. I  feel as if I know lots about Shelby; the author has developed her well.

Quite often in stories, other characters aren’t developed as well as the main character is; that’s not the case with There Will Be Lies. You really get a feel for what all the characters are like and this is down to detailed description of each and every one, no matter how small a part they play.

The story is set in several different American states because they’re on the run. A good chunk of the story is also set in the Dreaming, a mystical land created by the author that adds further exciement and drive to the story. it adds drive because There Will Be Lies is structured real life, the Dreaming, real life and so fourth, and because it’s like two separate stories, the reader wants to find the connection between the two worlds, which comes towards the end.

Some themes explored in There Will Be Lies are trust and betrayal.

What I liked about this book was how the plot twisted and turned, which kept things exciting and made me, as a reader, push on. Also, the language and description used made most of it a dream to read.

Now, I say ‘most of it a dream to read’ because sometimes the description, in my opinion, was too detailed and leaned a little towards boring. Other than that however, it was brill!

I’d recommend this to 13 year olds and above, and to both boys and girls.

So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this review on There Will Be Lies by Nick Lake! If you’ve read it, what are your thought on it?

Lucy x


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