The Secret Life of Pets | Film Review

Hello lovelies! On Friday evening, my parents and I went to the new Cineworld nearby us to see The Secret Lives of Pets, a film I’ve been itching to see since I first saw the trailer back in 2015.
Max is a terrier who lives in a New York apartment block with his owner. They have a very close relationship. Then, she adopts Duke, a huge, hairy beast of a dog, and Max’s life is changed forever. On a walk, the two dogs encounter a group of nasty, stray cats and end up in the back of a van, heading for the pound. Thankfully, a ballsy, bad-ass bunny rabbit, frees them on the condition they join a revenge group. Meanwhile, back in the apartment block, Max’s friends are worried about his safety and whereabouts, so set out to look for him.
So, like I mentioned before, the story is set in New York, however no land marks really play a part in in the film, so I’d say it could be set in any city with a river or park such as London or Paris.
The characters are all fantastic, especially Snowball, the bunny, and Chloe, the cat. The film has some real laugh-out-loud moments in it and you engage with the characters and want a happy ending for them all.
I’d recommend this to anyone, any age, who loves animals, owns an animal or simply fancies watching a light-hearted, feel-good film!
This review has been short but I hope you’ve enjoyed it all the same! Have you seen The Secret Lives of Pets? Do you want to? Let me know in the comments!
Lucy x
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The Culpeper | Review

Last Friday, my parents and I stayed overnight in The Culpeper, a 5-star pub, restaurant and now hotel located just off the trendy Brick Lane and partly owned by my uncle.

When I walked in, I was gobsmacked by how busy the pub was; it’s clearly the happening place to be. The interior was beautiful as well; there’s an industrial vintage look about it, which I love, love, love!

We headed up the stairs to the restaurant level, and Josh, the friendly manager, led us up another set of stairs to the bedrooms. There’re five in total, all with en suites. We stayed in Room One and had a view of the Gherkin. The rooms are done like the rest of the Culpeper, very industrial vintage! The walls are distressed natural plaster, and the headboard is a slab of wood with funky industrial bedside lamps sprouting from it. Our room also had an original fireplace, a scoop chair, a place to keep clothes and tea making facilities.

The en suite was really lovely with a large mirror and a spacious shower that was powerful and just the right temperature. The shampoo and shower gel provided smelt lovely, too.

I slept really well. Maybe because I was tired, or maybe because the rooms were fairly quiet with thick, floor-length curtains to block out the light. The bedding was incredibly soft, may I add.

In the morning, I had breakfast with my family and it was delicious. I had a pastry and scrambled egg that was cooked to perfection. The restaurant is flooded with light and the booths are incredibly comfy and open.

I was sad to leave and could have happily stayed another night or two; it was such an enjoyable experience! If you’re in the neck of the woods and looking for a place to stay, then I highly reccomend The Culpeper. It’s located in a great spot, a short walk from Spitalfields and a tube/train station.

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Take care,

Lucy x


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How To Slash Your Morning Routine By At Least 30 Minutes

Hello lovelies! Today I wanted to share with you my tips and tricks on how to slash your morning routine by at least 30 minutes because who doesn’t love an extra 30 minutes of sleep?


1. Lay out tomorrow’s outfit. That way you won’t spend ages ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ as to what to wear. Or, worse, hunting for a particular item just to find it in the dirty wash basket!

2. Pack your bag. Obviously, you’ll need to keep some things out right until you leave in the morning (phone, makeup bag etc.) but make a list of those things, so you don’t leave the house without them.


1. Get up straight away. I think it gets harder and harder to get up the longer you stay in bed, so it’s actually easier to get up straight away. A tip is to set an alarm on your phone and charge it on the other side of the room. Then,when it goes off, you’ll have to get up to switch it off.

2. Spend less time in the shower. Harder said than done, but use the temperature setting to your advantage. Have it at a just about bearable temperature, so you don’t particularly want to stay in it any longer than you need to.

3. Simplify your makeup. Think French. Their makeup is always so pretty, so effortless and I bet you they only use a few products!

4. Spend seconds on your hair. A spritz of dry shampoo (to add volume), a pretty hair acessory and Bob’s your uncle!

5. Don’t complicate breakfast. When you’re on a tight schedule, keep it simple. For instance, porridge done in the microwave is quick and nutritious. Win, win!

So those are my tips for saving time in the morning! I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you’ve found it helpful.

Take care,

Lucy x

* Picture taken from We Heart It.

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